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DER Repairs


Soundair's PMA and Engineering department offers value and reliability through FAA approved DER repairs. Our engineered repair improvements can provide significant savings on high-cost, high-removal units or options for units that simply do not have repair instructions.

Types of DER Repairs

  • Component Maintenance Repairs with Fabricated Parts: Often times, lead times and obsolete parts can create problems in the maintenance of components. Soundair's in-house engineering can design approved fabricated parts to reduce lead times and lower costs when the failed components are no longer procurable.

  • DER Repair with No Component Maintenance Manual:  Many parts are simply thrown out as expendables when they fail.  Many of these can be repaired and returned to service for lower costs than buying new.  Let us turn your expendable into a rotable.

  • Minor Modifications: Used to create additional approved maintenance instructions to incorporate a reliability improvement or improved part through  a minor modification
Soundair Repair Capabilities
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