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Custom Modifications


Through repairs, alterations, and parts manufacturing, we are able to offer unique solutions to our customers needs.  These modifications can increase safety, reliability and/or reduce costs.  Examples include:

  • Scale Kleen Descaling - Soundair worked with water purification experts to find an alternate de-scaling solution than what is called out in the CMM.  Scale Kleen is considered more environmentally friendly and cuts down on the amount of time needed to de-scale the coffee maker saving the customer money.

  • Replacement of Drain Screen Fastener - Soundair has worked with our customer to design a replacement fastener that was responsible for more than 100 coffee maker removals annually.

  • Hot Water Spigot Handle - Soundair was able to work with a major airline customer to create an alternate repair that exchanged the current coffee maker spigot handle with the stronger one.  This reduced removals by an average of 90 removals a year.

  • Solid State Relay Modification - Soundair partnered with the in-house shop of a major airline customer to develop an effective alternative to the current mechanical relay used on the Legacy Coffee Makers and replace it with a modern Solid State Relay.




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