Wencor Group Increases Repair Offerings
Scottsdale, AZ - August 8, 2012
Today Wencor Group, LLC announced that it has increased repair offerings for customers through the acquisition of both Absolute Aviation Services and Soundair Aviation Services. These acquisitions position the Wencor Group to compete effectively on the next generation aircraft platforms for both repair and PMA offerings. Wencor Group is a leading distributor of aftermarket parts and services to the commercial and military aircraft sectors.

Absolute Aviation Services is a leading FAA / EASA certified maintenance, repair, and engineering facility dedicated to providing simple, cost effective product improvement repair solutions. Absolute Aviation Services offers real value by engineering exclusive repair solutions for avionics, electrical, electro-mechanical components, and accessories.

Soundair Aviation Services is an FAA / EASA / CAAC licensed repair station serving the commercial aircraft interiors market. The company has a significant amount of specific PMA approvals from the FAA for the manufacture of replacement parts, designed and engineered by Soundair. A dedicated design and engineering team works closely with customers and repair technicians to identify opportunities for product improvement, enhanced reliability, reduced repair time and costs, and overall product performance. Soundair Aviation Services provides better turn-times, lower prices, and higher quality than its competitors, including original equipment manufacturers, through engineering, PMA products, long-term contracts and lean processes.

With Wencor Group's expertise in the mechanical systems engineering and broad distribution business, these acquisitions allow Wencor Group to continue to expand its portfolio of products and services for customers.

General Manager of Absolute Aviation Services, Chris Martens said, “Absolute Aviation uses a unique engineering product improvement approach guaranteed to improve reliability and reduce repair costs. Absolute Aviation's broad engineering capability means that our customers use only the technology or parts that are the best option for their specific application. The strength of Wencor Group's PMA engineering coupled with our repair development capabilities is a natural and complementary fit.”

Greg Harwood, President of Soundair Aviation Services, said, “Soundair Aviation Services is known for providing superior customer service and products to our broad base of airline customers. When you couple this with our extensive engineering and design knowledge, experience in repair & overhaul, and integration of our PMA product, partnering with Wencor Group is an ideal fit and provides a launching pad for future growth and opportunity; we’re all very excited about the future with Wencor Group.”

“The acquisition of Absolute Aviation Services and Soundair Aviation Services and their strength in the electrical/avionics business adds significant capability to the Wencor engineering group. The expertise in this field is exactly what we need to remain competitive as we look to the new aircraft platforms that are becoming more and more electro-mechanical in nature,” said Greg Beason, CEO of Wencor Group.

About Wencor Group
Wencor Group manufactures and distributes aircraft parts for operators, repair stations and manufacturers across the globe. Aerospace Coatings International is an MRO repair station. Dixie Aerospace and Wencor specialize in distribution and PMA development and various machined parts. Kitco Defense focuses on targeted solutions for both US and foreign militaries. Wencor Group offers repairs as well as inventory management programs (WenStock), kitting, and other supply chain solutions such as brokering and repair management.

About Absolute Aviation Services
Absolute Aviation Services is an FAA/EASA Approved Repair Station that repairs electrical/electronic accessories, instruments, radio and sub-components for major, regional and cargo airlines and military aircraft worldwide.

About Soundair Aviation Services
Soundair Aviation Services is an award winning provider of repair and overhaul services. Soundair Aviation Services’ repair techniques lengthen the life of product while saving the airline up to 65% of the replacement cost. In addition, Soundair Aviation Services has a dedicated PMA division offering interior PMA parts for their core competency repair products including coffee makers, ovens, lavatories, faucets, oxygen components, cockpit windows, and various interior accessories.
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